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Kitchen Wall I, Susan Adams 2015

Kitchen Wall

2015, From a series of 1.5×2.8 metre drawings made during a creative exchange with poet Lesley Saunders as part of Creative Wales research, funded by the Arts Council of Wales.


Welcome Machine

An ongoing series of etchings presented in different combinations of 3, featuring above, below and at ground level; they are interchangeable like exquisite corpse or picture consequence drawings. Plate size: 20.5 × 30.5 cm, 2012

Sculpture & Video

Ice Maiden

An animation that is projected onto the floor. The spoken words are “Ice Maiden” by poetLesley Saunders.

The images are from the projection at Undegun

Past Works

Yesterday I found a chained slave in the sink

Theatre Domestic

From a series of oil on gesso panel paintings, each 56×61cm, 1998

Yesterday I found a chained slave in the sink

Last night the light burned brightly

Maja I & II


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