They leak through me1

They leak through me

“The hearing of voices has spiritual and cultural implications historically, not just through accounts of the lives of the saints and hermits but reaching far beyond into prehistory. Largely because of the stigma and taboo associated with unusual mind experiences and mental health issues today we seldom have a chance to consider the visionary and creative potential in the phenomenon of voice-hearing. My intention with the launch of this booklet is to promote interest and discussion about hearing voices as something much more than a “pathological” experience.

As a visual artist attempting to understand what it is like to live with voices, I have been privileged to listen to people talk about their experiences. Also drawing on published accounts of voice-hearers and seminal texts I have made a series of 14 drypoints reflecting what I have heard and read. The images come together with extracts from my interviews with voice-hearers in a publication that resembles the form of a CD booklet, suggested by the idea of images given to accompany an auditory experience.” Susan Adams 2009

The project was a collaboration between Susan J Adams and Safle with the financial assistance of the Arts Council of Wales. The publication is generously supported by a Chance to Create Award funded by the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 – 2013 which is financed by the European Union and the Welsh Assembly Government.