Morning proj

And in the Morning

“And in the Morning,” enters the waking dream between fantasy and fact. An Edwardian photograph of Adams’ maternal grandfather’s family taken prior to a series of tragic events, is the portal to a video exploration of the myths that breed around taboo. The dead come to life as marionettes; and there is a suggestion that the artist is just as guilty of manipulating past events as her forebears, who in their own way tried to disguise the truth.

Adams: “Shadows of the past well up over the present bringing either comfort or alarm. The video takes you through separate narratives, some with a strong element of fantasy and others that have an air of documentary. Though the theme of death pervades, “And in the Morning,” has more to do with after-life. The dead and the living leave shadows of their former selves behind as they leave a place, maybe the air is thick with spirits, a sort of transparent world operating around our solid one.”

“And in the Morning,” brings with it the possibility of time travel, saving the drowning and being able to fly.

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