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The Little Cage

Published on 02nd September 2018 , in General.

Peak Horsebox Commission for the Abergavenny Food Festival 2018

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An Expanded View of Drawing

Published on 02nd February 2018 , in General.

Exhibition curated by Dr Frances Woodley, image: Andrea Carney

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Gogoneddus Ych-a-Fi   Marvellous Disgust

Published on 01st February 2018 , in General.

An exhibition of Contemporary Surrealists in Wales curated by David Greenslade

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Published on 28th September 2017 , in General.

Sue Hunt and Susan Adams explore “offering” through a collaborative piece involving prints, silverpoint drawings and sculpture at St Edwards Church Cardiff for MadeInRoath Festival, with an opportunity to pass on the gift by giving an offering to Mind Cymru.

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Up Ship Street

Published on 27th June 2017 , in General.

Susan Adams’s creative exchanges with Jerwood prize-winning author Jo Mazelis and Award-winning poet Lesley Saunders are brought to light through this exhibition of projected animation, drawings and pages of the correspondence between Mazelis and Adams.

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